Everything great starts off as a dream, then a challenge, then eventually, with hard work and daily grind, the dream comes true.

Our story began with an idea, as we were talking in the gym about a certain piece of equipment that we felt needed an upgrade and how cool it would be if we could make something else out of it. Something better, something RARE. We put pencil to paper and started to research, draw, design, brain storm, and go through sleepless nights to produce pieces we thought would make our jobs as coaches a whole lot easier.

It was important to practice what we preach, so we put them to the test and failed several times until we perfected each piece. By then, we wanted everyone around us to test our products, we wanted everyone to see how serious we were about changing the fitness equipment game in the market. As a result, we have finally turned our dream into reality and started our company RARE FITNESS EQUIPMENT.

Our passion is something we are extremely proud of at RARE. Since day one, developing new ideas, creating masterpieces and actually projecting them to life really gives us pure joy; knowing these special and carefully designed items will benefit likeminded athletes. We are not just selling equipment that already exists, we are creating gear that works for you, just as it did for us.

We were on a mission to provide solutions that gets the world moving and help people lead active and healthy lives. Each piece has been carefully designed and manufactured. We had several failed prototypes, since everything was tested before production to ensure that it is safe to use, functions properly and does its job right. It is crucially important to practice what we preach. We worked hard to provide gear that literally exists to make your life easier, hence the name RARE.



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